31. Dezember 2009

Happy NEW YEAR 2010!

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Fireworks to celebrate Happy New Year 2010 Picture was taken today from my brother who stays in Kuala Lumpur this year.

I wish everyone who visits my blog a Happy NEW Year 2010, hope that all your wishes and NEW YEAR resolutions will be fulfilled!

30. Dezember 2009

WW: The 7 World Wonders - Part 2 -

Taj Mahal - IndiaPhoto from Wikipedia

The Taj Mahal in India was voted to one of the NEW 7 WORLD WONDERS and announced in July 2007.

29. Dezember 2009

The 7 World wonders -Part 1-

photo by yaatra on Flickr

(Greek "πέτρα" (petra), meaning rock; Arabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ) is a historic and archaeological city in the Jordanian govern orate of Ma'an that is renowned for its rock cut architecture and water conduits system. Constructed around 100 BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans , it is now the most famous symbol of Jordan as well as it's most visited tourism attraction. It lies on the slope of Mount Hor in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the large valley running from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007 and also a World Heritage Site since 1985. Petra was also chosen by the BBC as one of "the 10 places you have to see before you die".

The site remained unknown to the Western world until 1812, when it was introduced to the West by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. It was famously described as "a rose-red city half as old as time" in a Newdigate Prize-winning sonnet by John William Burgon. UNESCO has described it as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage."

This article is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA License. It uses material from Wikipedia content.

28. Dezember 2009

MM: A perfect day for travel - Bryce Wastney

In this music video "A perfect day for travel - Bryce Wastney" you can see the singer traveling through the New Zealand landscape.

Enjoy the Music Monday!

26. Dezember 2009

My Christmas Tradition

Christmas Tree with decorationUsually we celebrate Christmas in Germany on 24th - in the Holy Night - before we go to the Mass into the church at 10 pm.

We start eating at 6 pm with Potato Salad and Sausage. Around 7 - 7.30 pm it's time for the "Christkind" (= Jesus as baby).

We go in our Living Room and sing several Christmas songs - Silent night might be the most famous one for you. Then the CD player will play the other Christmas songs :)

After singing, we can open the presents and while opening the presents around 8 pm, we eat the sweet Christmas cookies.

On the next day -25th, called the "1.Christmas Day" in Germany- we visit the relatives of my mother and on 26th- called the "2.Christmas Day"- we visit the relatives of my dad or they visit us.

24. Dezember 2009

Merry Christmas to my visitors!

I wish you a joyful, happy and relaxing Merry Christmas and hope you all will get the presents and gifts which you have dreamed off :)

Tell me what you got on Christmas or what are your wishes for Christmas!

I wish everyone good health for the coming year, luck and happiness!

23. Dezember 2009

WW: The last Towel animals!

20. Dezember 2009

Towel animals -Part 2-

The last part of my Towel animals

18. Dezember 2009

Towel animals -Part 1-

Here you can see some towel animals which they offered us each day in the Diving Hotel in Malaysia!

17. Dezember 2009

What did you expect?

Hi there, i'm a little baby bird and can't fly yet!

little baby bird

Sometimes life is unpredictable and a picture can be manipulated by showing just a smaller part of it!

baby bird and dead mommy bird
Hopefully one of the other mother birds will take care of this little baby bird!

15. Dezember 2009

Animal park - Kuala Lumpur - KL Menara Tower

animals, rabbits, hamsterIn the Animal park you can see several small animals like rabbits, hamsters, spiders, monkeys and insects.
spider, Mexican Fire Leg
The Animal park is located beside the Entrance of the KL Menara Tower (Kuala Lumpur Television Tower).
It's great for families and animal lover to visit this park and take yourself less than half an hour to walk through this park.

14. Dezember 2009

MM: Medwyn Goodall - Dolphin Companion

Today i present you a relaxation music video from Medwyn Goodall which is called DOLPHIN COMPANION. As i'm also a passionate diver it's amazing to watch this video because of the many playing Dolphins.

If you like to relax for five minutes or just watch the lovely Dolphins, this video will be great for you!

Relaxing Music Monday!

13. Dezember 2009

Inside the church in Wurzburg

It's a catholic church in Wurzburg, you can see a christmas tree on the left side. The Christmas tree will stay in the Church until mid or end of January.

12. Dezember 2009

View on the Castle in Wuerzburg - Germany

This picture was taken in the afternoon of the New Year's day 2007 after we had celebrated the whole night. It's in Wuerzburg, one of the bigger cities in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

11. Dezember 2009

A Winter walk in the snow - Austria

On this picture we have been walking to the Restaurant after we walked already a few hours in the snowy landscape. You'll get very hungry and in these restaurants are very good meals, so that you can continue your walk down the hill or to the next transport station which takes you down to the valley :)

10. Dezember 2009

The Great Pyramid of Giza - Egypt

The view of the sphinx and the pyramid of giza, taken during a daytrip to cairo. This was my favourite view of the sphinx as the pyramid makes the perfect backdrop.

The Great Sphinx is one of the world’s largest and oldest statues and is believed to represent the likeness of King Khafra who was buried in the pyramid which sits directly behind the Sphinx. This would mean that the sphinx was built between 2520 and 2494BC

Many egyptologists believe the sphinx was carved to disguise a large immovable rock which was obstructing the view of the pyramid.

The pyramid you can see in the background of the picture is the Pyramid of Khufu ( Also known as "The Great Pyramid" or the "Pyramid of Cheops" . This is the oldest and largest of the Pyramids at Giza.

The Pyramid of Khufu was constructed in 2570 BC and is 455.2ft tall.

9. Dezember 2009

WW: 7*-Hotel Burj al arab - Dubai

Hotel Burj al arab - Dubai

8. Dezember 2009

My first Adgitize payment proof!

Adgitize Payment proofIt's really great to see the money in my Paypal account. I write here about the Adgitize payment. I got the Adgitize payment already a few days ago and it has been the income as a publisher.

I could have received 10$ already a month earlier but i didn't have the time in October
  • to publish daily an article or
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If you do this each day and get some visitors to your blog, you will earn 0.20 $ or more daily. After two month you can cash out already 12+$.

As i started my one week Adgitize advertisement trial some days ago, i'm sure that i will buy a full month ad (24$) after the trial period is over on 12th December 2009. At the moment i earn with 390 - 400 points more than the necessary 78 cents/daily (79-85 cents).
I will get a smaller profit like i got as publisher BUT i get additionally daily between 75 - 113 visitors and i have only to click 50 ads instead of 100 :)

You can get even as publisher free traffic (up to 25 visitors/daily) if you click 3 out of 4 days the 100 ads and sign up for the Preferred Publisher Program (simply go in the Member's Lounge to Manage Blog - Add Preferred Publisher or read the Preferred Publisher Program Tutorial)

Isn't that a good deal? What are your experiences and stories with Adgitize?
Or why didn't you sign up yet with Adgitize and earn easy money from Blogging?

adgitize, best blogger advertisement network, make money, drive  traffic to your blog

7. Dezember 2009

MM: Global Deejays - The sound of San Fransisco

Today we travel with the Global Deejays to San Fransisco (original Song is from Scott McKenzie), next week we are heading to another destination.

Happy Music Monday!

6. Dezember 2009

The Winners of the Holiday-Contest!

Congratulations to the 7 winners:

Not all members who dropped cards commented on all five blogs, so i only took the persons who commented on the specific blog into the drawing. In this case we have just 7 winners!

If someone won the same prize on another blog, this prize has been put back and was chosen again for another blog.

Winner of the ad prizes should comment on this blog and give me a link to their ad image which they want to display or tell me if i can use the EntreCard ad image!

The prizes for the other blogs will be published day by day :)

5. Dezember 2009

Adgitize members: A funny welcome gift!

adgitize, best blogger advertisement network, make money, drive traffic to your blogToday i make my trial with Adgitize and a one week advertisement (i got a voucher, so i saved the 12$ *lol*).
Let's see how many new visitors can be attracted by my ad and if it's worth afterward to advertise for 24$ (78 cents/day).

My brother from Cornyman's Money-Blog is absolute fascinated by Adgitize and earned already over 185 $ after deducting the paid ads (108 $ from June on) he has still 77 $ left after 8 months of membership. If i look in my Adsense account, i doubt that i can accumulate so many $$ after 8 months.

In case you are not yet member, you can sign up by clicking on this post on the Adgitize links :)

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Spent just 16 seconds and get a great laugh!

My gift for my visitors "the sneezing baby panda", i watched it several times in a row and still can laugh when i would watch it again. You'll love Baby panda and Mama Panda!

4. Dezember 2009

It gets Winter in Europe

winter time, snowy chapel in austriaI took this picture with the chapel in my winter holidays in Austria. You can see that we had there on the mountain very much snow (more than 50 centimeters).

It's the ideal time for do some skiing or snow boarding.

I'll post some more snow and winter pictures in the coming days and weeks :)

3. Dezember 2009

Soccer World Championship 2006 - Germany

This is a picture from the Opening Game of the Soccer World Championship 2006 in Germany. Germany played against Costa Rica. I have been in Munich in the big park where they build -like in many other big cities- the big screen and called it -PUBLIC VIEWING.

2. Dezember 2009

1. Dezember 2009

Singapore Butterfly Garden

Here is one of many butterflies which you can find in the Singaporean Butterfly Garden.
They look simply gorgeous or not, especially when you see them so close like in this picture!

30. November 2009

MM: Simba - The Traveling Song

I try to find in the following weeks songs which are familiar with my blog. That means they should have lyrics about traveling, holidays and journeys or the video should show amazing landscapes.

In case you know of such a music video, i would be glad if you leave on my Music Monday posts a comment. In exchange i will link back to your blog/website as soon as i publish your suggested music video :)

Have a great time with The Traveling Song from the movie "The Lion King"!

29. November 2009

Singapore Bird Park

Parrots in the Singapore Bird ParkThere are a lot of Birds and especially parrots in this Bird park.

I made too many pictures of these bird pictures when i have been in Singapore :)

19. November 2009

Free Advertising for YOU, join the Holiday-Contest!

All you have to do is... just drop your EntreCards on one or more of the our mentioned blogs and make ONE comment on this post as soon as you drop your card for having the chance to win FREE Advertising on Best travel pictures in the world (from 19th to 27th September).

The prizes have a worth of more than 200$, you can see them on this Holiday-Contest post. If you do a blog post about this Holiday-Contest, you can get some free ECs, too.

13. November 2009

More pics from Singapore National Orchid Garden

This is a fascinating created landscape with a water fall and tropic plants!

12. November 2009

How to find cheap flight tickets!

As this blog is mostly about traveling worldwide i would like to introduce you to a few cheap flight websites which will help you to save money, especially when you live on a tight budget!

If you traveling in the time from 1st May - 30th October 2010 in Asia and you have already some travel location in mind, you could profit from the latest offer from AirAsia.
They offer FREE SEATS for their flights, you just have to pay the airport tax (the offer is valid from 11th November to 15th November).
  • For flights inside of Malaysia this would be for a one-way flight just 6 RM (1.20 EURO, 2$),

  • for international flights to Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam it is 25 RM (5 EURO, 6$)
But even without this excellent FREE SEATS offer, they have low-budget prices and some good holiday packages with hotels and more savings!

If you like to see the prices of different days but for the same travel destination for AirAsia flights, you should check out AirAsiaPlus. It's very troublesome to do this on the AirAsia website :)
At AirAsiaPlus you just type in the travel date, the departure and your destination and within seconds you get a list with the upcoming 30 days. So you can compare when you could get the cheapest flight for your travel destination. Sometimes it's cheaper to postpone the flight one or two days and stay longer at the same location!

Just have a look at AirAsiaPlus and save more money with the intelligent choice of your flight date!

The last website which i use when i look for some cheap flights is called CHECKFELIX.com. They search for you in the airline websites and the travel websites like Expedia and give you a detailed list from where you will be directed to the airline or travel website to complete your booking!

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/davipt/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

6. November 2009

Singapore National Orchid Garden

Today i watched again the pictures which i took during my Singapore/Malaysia trip in May/June 2009 and i saw that i have a lot of pictures which are worth showing in my blog, mainly from the Singapore National Orchid Garden, from the Bird Park and from other see-sightings.

The picture on the left was made in the National Orchid Garden and it is really a beautiful Garden and Park.

If you are a lover of flowers and especially Orchids, this is a MUST SEE location while visiting Singapore.

And here you can see some of the beautiful Orchids in a big pot!

4. November 2009

WW: The Rocks of Boracay

The Rocks of Boracay, Philippines

3. November 2009

Is this bus not full yet?

This picture was taken while we drove around Banaue. As you can see the bus is the most used transportation vehicle in the Philippines. The persons are not too shy to sit even on the roof of the bus.

One of the persons on the roof has a scarf around the mouth which is really needed as the road is dusty and the air on the street is really, really bad from all the traffic.

2. November 2009

MM: EAV - God bless America

I found a new video from 2004 from the music group "EAV" which i presented already last week. In this video they use irony against the things which George Bush started after 9/11/2001.

29. Oktober 2009

Travel Photography tips

A handheld digital camera.Image via Wikipedia

Every time i went on a vacation, i take my camera with me. I just can't go without one as this helps me to keep memories of each holiday and travel i made in the last years.

Now i share some of my travel photography tips with you, so that you can enjoy your trips and the memories there after like i do when i share the pics with my friends and relatives!

Prepare for the location:

  1. If you already know the place of your next holiday, why not search in the internet for the surroundings and the local attraction?
    This is the easiest way to find suitable spots for brilliant pictures. You can find pictures by just typing in the name of the City and Country in Google Image search or Flickr.com

  2. After you looked for some attractions at your travel locations, you have to choose which of them are most suitable for your expertise and for your camera. With this in mind, you save time to just visit the locations which gives you the best pictures :)

  3. Most likely there are also books written for your travel destination. Try to have a look in one or more of these travel books to see which pictures other travelers captured or which locations are from interest, too.

Preparing for your Photographs

Before you start your travel, you should check if you put the following things in your travel suit case:

  1. Camera and Tripod (essential for every photographer)

  2. Digital Memory cards or films. Better to take one or two more cards/films than to be sorry if one would be broken during the best shot. Don't forget a portable storage device!

  3. Most important things include your battery charger, batteries, filters and lenses (in case your camera supports this)

  4. Manuals can be also very helpful if you want to try some new settings or if something went wrong.
This are my tips and checklists which help me capturing pictures from beautiful locations, so that i have sweet memories for a very long time.
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27. Oktober 2009

Boracay at dusk

15 boracay at duskImage by Chewy Chua via Flickr

I found this picture via the Zemanta Add-On and couldn't resist showing it to you. It looks really amazing.

The colors of the sky... the sun and the lights of the restaurants at the beach.

For me it looks more like a beautiful painting than a picture :)

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26. Oktober 2009

MM: EAV- An der Copacabana

This Music Monday i want you to watch one of the funniest music groups from the 80s (in the last years they tried a revival but didn't get anymore that popular like in the past). The short name is EAV, in long it's Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung.
It's about the craziness of the bodybuilding hype in the 80s, usually the songs have been always very critical towards special actual topics but they managed it to make their critics in a funny way.

Have fun with EAV - An der Copacabana

25. Oktober 2009

Thanks to all my visitors!

Today i want to thank all my loyal visitor who drop their card daily or just occasionally and to the visitors who come from the Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google.

I started this blog in September with an Alexa Ranking from over 20 Million and since this weekend the ranking dropped below the 300.000 mark. My goal would be now to reach 100.000 by end of November :)

Another topic which i mentioned earlier in October is my ranking in the Dropaholics. I never expected that i could climb so fast into the TOP TEN when i started publishing that article i was around rank 500.

24. Oktober 2009

Memorial - Seafaring between Philippines and Mexico

memorial 400 years seafaring between Mexico and PhilippinesThis memorial is located in Manila. It stands for 400 years of seafaring between Mexico and the Philippines.

In 2009 it would been already over 445 years of this seafaring connection.

Does anybody know which impact this connection has on Mexico and/or on the Philippines?

23. Oktober 2009

View of Boracay's beach - Philippines

Isn't that a nice view of the beach from Boracay. A view which certainly wouldn't be published in one of the travel magazines :)

Just wanted to show that some parts of the beach in Boracay is quite small.

But like you can see, it's not overcrowded, you can find easily a place to sit or lay down.

And you even can find some shadows from the coconut trees, the beach is covered full with them, too.

21. Oktober 2009

Adgitize - Traffic and money