30. November 2009

MM: Simba - The Traveling Song

I try to find in the following weeks songs which are familiar with my blog. That means they should have lyrics about traveling, holidays and journeys or the video should show amazing landscapes.

In case you know of such a music video, i would be glad if you leave on my Music Monday posts a comment. In exchange i will link back to your blog/website as soon as i publish your suggested music video :)

Have a great time with The Traveling Song from the movie "The Lion King"!

29. November 2009

Singapore Bird Park

Parrots in the Singapore Bird ParkThere are a lot of Birds and especially parrots in this Bird park.

I made too many pictures of these bird pictures when i have been in Singapore :)

19. November 2009

Free Advertising for YOU, join the Holiday-Contest!

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The prizes have a worth of more than 200$, you can see them on this Holiday-Contest post. If you do a blog post about this Holiday-Contest, you can get some free ECs, too.

13. November 2009

More pics from Singapore National Orchid Garden

This is a fascinating created landscape with a water fall and tropic plants!

12. November 2009

How to find cheap flight tickets!

As this blog is mostly about traveling worldwide i would like to introduce you to a few cheap flight websites which will help you to save money, especially when you live on a tight budget!

If you traveling in the time from 1st May - 30th October 2010 in Asia and you have already some travel location in mind, you could profit from the latest offer from AirAsia.
They offer FREE SEATS for their flights, you just have to pay the airport tax (the offer is valid from 11th November to 15th November).
  • For flights inside of Malaysia this would be for a one-way flight just 6 RM (1.20 EURO, 2$),

  • for international flights to Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam it is 25 RM (5 EURO, 6$)
But even without this excellent FREE SEATS offer, they have low-budget prices and some good holiday packages with hotels and more savings!

If you like to see the prices of different days but for the same travel destination for AirAsia flights, you should check out AirAsiaPlus. It's very troublesome to do this on the AirAsia website :)
At AirAsiaPlus you just type in the travel date, the departure and your destination and within seconds you get a list with the upcoming 30 days. So you can compare when you could get the cheapest flight for your travel destination. Sometimes it's cheaper to postpone the flight one or two days and stay longer at the same location!

Just have a look at AirAsiaPlus and save more money with the intelligent choice of your flight date!

The last website which i use when i look for some cheap flights is called CHECKFELIX.com. They search for you in the airline websites and the travel websites like Expedia and give you a detailed list from where you will be directed to the airline or travel website to complete your booking!

Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/davipt/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

6. November 2009

Singapore National Orchid Garden

Today i watched again the pictures which i took during my Singapore/Malaysia trip in May/June 2009 and i saw that i have a lot of pictures which are worth showing in my blog, mainly from the Singapore National Orchid Garden, from the Bird Park and from other see-sightings.

The picture on the left was made in the National Orchid Garden and it is really a beautiful Garden and Park.

If you are a lover of flowers and especially Orchids, this is a MUST SEE location while visiting Singapore.

And here you can see some of the beautiful Orchids in a big pot!

4. November 2009

WW: The Rocks of Boracay

The Rocks of Boracay, Philippines

3. November 2009

Is this bus not full yet?

This picture was taken while we drove around Banaue. As you can see the bus is the most used transportation vehicle in the Philippines. The persons are not too shy to sit even on the roof of the bus.

One of the persons on the roof has a scarf around the mouth which is really needed as the road is dusty and the air on the street is really, really bad from all the traffic.

2. November 2009

MM: EAV - God bless America

I found a new video from 2004 from the music group "EAV" which i presented already last week. In this video they use irony against the things which George Bush started after 9/11/2001.

Adgitize - Traffic and money