10. Mai 2010

MM: John Denver - Country Roads

This is one of my favorite Country songs (since we had to sing it in our music and english course). It's from John Denver who died 1997 in a airplane accident. The song - Country Roads - is almost 30 years old but never looses his flair.

Enjoy it!

Here are the lyrics of the song Country Roads from John Denver:

Almost heaven West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains Shenandoah river
Life is old there older than the trees
Younger than the mountains blowin' like a breeze

Country roads take me home
To the place I belove
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

All my memories gather round her
Miner's lady stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty painted on the sky
Misty taste of moonshine teardrops in my eyes

Country roads take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

I hear a voice in the morning hour as she calls me
The radio reminds me of my home far away
Drivin' down the road I get a feelin'
That I should have home yesterday yesterday

Country roads take me home

To the place I belong
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

Country roads take me home
To the place I belove
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads

Take me home country roads
Take me home country roads

7. Mai 2010

Hamburg - a sight seeing tour!

Hamburg, GermanyImage by Wolfgang Staudt via Flickr

Hamburg and its large harbour

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4. Mai 2010

Sight seeing in Berlin!

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, GermanyImage via Wikipedia

On the left you can see the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) in Berlin at night.

Dome of the Reichstag building

Dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin Germany© alles-schlumpf

Eye-catching and a masterpiece of modern technology, the dome is one of the main attractions of the Reichstag building. The figures alone are impressive – 23 metres high and 40 metres in diameter. A total of 800 metric tonnes of steel were used in the construction and the outer shell consists of 3000 square metres of glass.
You can visit the dome and walk inside of the Dome of the Reichstag
Architect: Sir Norman Foster

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3. Mai 2010

MM: Perpetuum Jazzile - Africa

One of the most famous A-Capella Choirs Perpetuum Jazzile on YouTube performs "Africa" from Toto with an impressive intro of a Thunderstorm - all done with their hands, feet and voices!

11. April 2010

Get a green blog for free, join and blog about it!

Being part of the initiative “My blog is carbon neutral” is an active contribution to help the environment! All you have to do is described here. Make it happen - make it green!

“My blog is carbon neutral” is an initiative, originally started in Germany by the “Make it Green” programme, that has the goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We plant a tree for your blog and thereby neutralise your blog’s carbon footprint for the next 50 years! Everyone can make a small contribution to the environment. Every tree counts!

Just write a short blog post about our programme “My blog is carbon neutral” and include one of the buttons. Send the link to your blog to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de and we plant a tree for you, neutralising the carbon dioxide emissions of your blog. The trees will be planted in the spring of 2010 by the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information about how and where the trees are planted, see the NEWS section.

Just a few easy steps to make it green:

  1. Write a blog post about the initiative + insert your favourite button
  2. E-mail the link to your post to CO2-neutral@kaufda.de
  3. We plant a tree for your blog in Plumas’!
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26. März 2010

Comment and get up to 1.000 EC :)

Image representing Entrecard as depicted in Cr...Image via CrunchBase

Simply leave relevant comments on one or more of my blog posts and get for each comment (on a different post) 50 EC.

Up to 20 comments per person, comments can be from your own experience with the publish pictures/locations or simply appropriate comments and should be more than TWO sentences. Spam or just a few words don't count and will be rejected!

Leave your EntreCard-Details on this blog post (not in the comments you write on the blog posts).

Up to 10.000 EC are available until 31st March 2010.
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24. März 2010

WW: Do we stay or do we go?

two Meerkat in London Zoo
500 ECs for WillOaks Studio

19. März 2010

Win 500 EC - tell me what they think/talk!

two Meerkat in London Zoo
What are these two meerkat thinking or talking with each other?

Best answer will be honored with 500 EC
Write your comment until 24th March 2010!

17. März 2010

WW: Three dreaming polar bears

three dreaming polar bears in the snow
"Do you think they can see the Coca Cola bottle we're hiding?" :D

500 ECs on the way ;)
Next caption game starts on Friday

16. März 2010

Best Caption wins 500 EC :)

three sleeping polar bears

Just comment with one or more sentence what these Polar bears are thinking or talking and have the chance to win 500 ECs, winner will be announced on Wednesday 17th March 2010!

15. März 2010

MM: Fergie - London Bridge

This week it's London Bridge from Fergie (member of Black Eyed Peas). Attention might contain for some visitors offensive material ;-)

14. März 2010

London and its sights! (Part 2)

Big Ben in London

Big Ben, London, England

Just practicing for my next ballet session :)

funny squirrel, Greenwich observatory, London

13. März 2010

London and its sights!

tThe Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, which is almost always referred to by its original name of Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, (it served as a cathedral from 1546 - 1556), in Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English monarchs.

The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, is the tallest (135 metres (443 ft)) Ferris wheel in Europe, and has become the most popular paid tourist attraction in the UK, visited by over 3 million people a year.

And one funny picture - Goose takes a shower in London's Hayde Park!

11. März 2010

Cute Animals meet Snow

10. März 2010

WW: Ooops :-)

Spider - Fusco marginatus

Funny Praying Mantis

9. März 2010

7 Amazing Lightning pictures!

Lightning around Hermosillo
Spectacular Lightning picture around Hermosillo

Lightning in Campinas

Lightning at Columbia River
Lightning at Columbia River

Lightning Toronto City

Lightning at sunset Toronto Centre Island
Lightning at sunset Toronto Centre Island

Lightning Perhentian Island Malaysia
Lightning in Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Lightning in Beirut, Lebanon
Lightning around Beirut, Lebanon

8. März 2010

MM: Ella Fitzgerald - I love Paris

1. März 2010

MM: Without you - Mariah Carey

28. Februar 2010

5 must see sights in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France
The Cathedral Notre Dame in Paris, one of the first majestic building in French Gothic style built in the 12/13th century.

Arc de triumphe Paris France
Arc de Triumphe is one of the defining monuments of Paris, France. It honours the soldiers who fought for France, including 660 names of all the generals and wars faught. The floor of the moument contains the tomb of the unknown soldier from World War I.

Tour Eiffel Paris France Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower, one of the most photographed sights in the world and used in several love stories, you can walk up the stairs or use the lift :)

The Louvre Paris FranceThe Louvre, in Paris, France, is one of the world's most visited art museums, an historic monument, and a national symbol. The collection contains nearly 35,000 pieces displayed over the structure's 60,000 square meters (650,000 sq ft).

Sacre Coeur basilica Paris FranceSacre Coeur on Montmartre, Paris
This is a famous basilica in Paris. It sits high on a hill and is beautifully lit in the evening. This is the birthplace of the Jesuits back in 1534.

11. Februar 2010

EntreCard's E-Mail: Ghost Dropper solution!

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your blog post (http://cornys-moneypage.blogspot.com/2010/02/entrecard-members-get-scammed-by-these.html).

You've raised valid concerns regarding users trying to cheat the system and we appreciate you taking the time to do the investigation.

For the time being, our developers have been able to fixed the problem relating to the "ghost droppers" from the site you told us about (http://?????????.blogspot.com/).
We anticipate other methods will come along and we will address those as they turn up.

Your investigation was very insightful, but we do not believe that all the users you've listed are cheating the system.
A few might, but not all of them. It's possible that some users are accessing your blog over a few days without clearing their cache. When this happens, the users will still see an entrecard widget (cached version) even though you have removed it. This could be the reason why you are still receiving drops.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Entrecard Support

10. Februar 2010

EntreCard: Top Dropper RSS-Feed added

After removing the Dropaholics-Widget because the website will shut down soon, i give the TOP 5 Droppers again link love by adding the EntreCard's TOP Dropper RSS-Feed.

In case you would like to get a link back to your blog, simply drop daily (commenting would be appreciated, too) on my blog and the chances will be there that you are get some exposure and additional visitors to your blog, too.

I just monitor who is dropping cards even when i don't have the EntreCard widget on my blog -> so far 63 members managed to make "FAKE" DROPS (and quite many are popular blogs and TOP Droppers on many other blogs!)

-> results are published on Cornyman's Money-Blog !

27. Januar 2010

23. Januar 2010

Africa: Elephant drinking

drinking Elephant - Africa

22. Januar 2010

The two zebras

Two zebras turning their head
Two zebras turning their head

21. Januar 2010

Let's think about Winter Wonderland!

True Infrared Photography in a lightwave length between 760nm and 1000nm. -- absolute invisible for human eyes..

Human eyes only can "see" electromagnetic waves between 300nm and 760nm - the summary of this waves is what we know as "light".
Waves shorter then 300nm is "ultraviolet" light.
Waves longer then 760nm is "infrared" light.
Both - uv and ir - are invisible and thus color-less.

All you see here are the reflected infrared lightwaves. Chlorophyle is the magician - the classic IR-photography subject is a landscape+trees+clouds+water surfaces.

20. Januar 2010

19. Januar 2010

5 fantastic HDR images

What do you think - photoshopped, painted or real photos? :)

Fountain of Renmark, South Australia

HDR or high dynamic range photography is technique in which light and dark areas are used to illuminate the subject and highlight it. HDR technique allows to more accurately represent the wide range of exposure than normal digital imaging techniques.

More amazing HDR photos can be found on Flickr.

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