29. Oktober 2009

Travel Photography tips

A handheld digital camera.Image via Wikipedia

Every time i went on a vacation, i take my camera with me. I just can't go without one as this helps me to keep memories of each holiday and travel i made in the last years.

Now i share some of my travel photography tips with you, so that you can enjoy your trips and the memories there after like i do when i share the pics with my friends and relatives!

Prepare for the location:

  1. If you already know the place of your next holiday, why not search in the internet for the surroundings and the local attraction?
    This is the easiest way to find suitable spots for brilliant pictures. You can find pictures by just typing in the name of the City and Country in Google Image search or Flickr.com

  2. After you looked for some attractions at your travel locations, you have to choose which of them are most suitable for your expertise and for your camera. With this in mind, you save time to just visit the locations which gives you the best pictures :)

  3. Most likely there are also books written for your travel destination. Try to have a look in one or more of these travel books to see which pictures other travelers captured or which locations are from interest, too.

Preparing for your Photographs

Before you start your travel, you should check if you put the following things in your travel suit case:

  1. Camera and Tripod (essential for every photographer)

  2. Digital Memory cards or films. Better to take one or two more cards/films than to be sorry if one would be broken during the best shot. Don't forget a portable storage device!

  3. Most important things include your battery charger, batteries, filters and lenses (in case your camera supports this)

  4. Manuals can be also very helpful if you want to try some new settings or if something went wrong.
This are my tips and checklists which help me capturing pictures from beautiful locations, so that i have sweet memories for a very long time.
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27. Oktober 2009

Boracay at dusk

15 boracay at duskImage by Chewy Chua via Flickr

I found this picture via the Zemanta Add-On and couldn't resist showing it to you. It looks really amazing.

The colors of the sky... the sun and the lights of the restaurants at the beach.

For me it looks more like a beautiful painting than a picture :)

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26. Oktober 2009

MM: EAV- An der Copacabana

This Music Monday i want you to watch one of the funniest music groups from the 80s (in the last years they tried a revival but didn't get anymore that popular like in the past). The short name is EAV, in long it's Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung.
It's about the craziness of the bodybuilding hype in the 80s, usually the songs have been always very critical towards special actual topics but they managed it to make their critics in a funny way.

Have fun with EAV - An der Copacabana

25. Oktober 2009

Thanks to all my visitors!

Today i want to thank all my loyal visitor who drop their card daily or just occasionally and to the visitors who come from the Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google.

I started this blog in September with an Alexa Ranking from over 20 Million and since this weekend the ranking dropped below the 300.000 mark. My goal would be now to reach 100.000 by end of November :)

Another topic which i mentioned earlier in October is my ranking in the Dropaholics. I never expected that i could climb so fast into the TOP TEN when i started publishing that article i was around rank 500.

24. Oktober 2009

Memorial - Seafaring between Philippines and Mexico

memorial 400 years seafaring between Mexico and PhilippinesThis memorial is located in Manila. It stands for 400 years of seafaring between Mexico and the Philippines.

In 2009 it would been already over 445 years of this seafaring connection.

Does anybody know which impact this connection has on Mexico and/or on the Philippines?

23. Oktober 2009

View of Boracay's beach - Philippines

Isn't that a nice view of the beach from Boracay. A view which certainly wouldn't be published in one of the travel magazines :)

Just wanted to show that some parts of the beach in Boracay is quite small.

But like you can see, it's not overcrowded, you can find easily a place to sit or lay down.

And you even can find some shadows from the coconut trees, the beach is covered full with them, too.

21. Oktober 2009

20. Oktober 2009

The play with the fire - Boracay, Philippines

This picture was taken while i was eating at night in a restaurant at Boracay..

The two persons could handle the fire very well, what a pitty that i don't have a video camera.

Otherwise i could have shown you the video of their play with the fire.

It's definitely worth watching at night around the restaurants if you can find some of this tourist attraction.

19. Oktober 2009

MM: Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

Today i like to present a song from Bruce Springsteen. One of his most famous ones - Born in the USA.

I hope you enjoy the song, too!

18. Oktober 2009

17. Oktober 2009

The tiger in the zoo of Olongapo

Tiger in Zoo, Olongapo - PhilippinesThis picture was taken in the Zoo of Olongapo in the Philippines.

There you don't need to walk. You will be seated in a train behind bars. As the train is driving, you can see many animals. When we drove by the tigers they have just been fed by the crew.

It's really amazing to see them so close!

16. Oktober 2009

Chinese Cemetery - Manila, Philippines - Part II

Here is the second part of the Chinese cemetery picture. It's the entrance to the tomb.

The two slots are the Mailbox for the death persons. On the left side is the Mailbox for the woman and on the right side you put the letters for the death man in his mailbox.

15. Oktober 2009

Chinese Cemetery - Manila, Philippines

This is a picture of a chinese cemetery in the Manila. On the picture you can see a big grave or tomb which is inside the building. The way to the tomb is made with stones and the way is decorated with trees on both sides.

14. Oktober 2009

13. Oktober 2009

Sweet things in Kuala Lumpur

This picture was taken in the Mid Valley Shopping Mall in November 2008 in one of the Ice Cream shops.

Yes, these are Ice cream balls and some more Ice cream balls + some fruits. It doesn't look only delicious and my mouth gets watery again - it was delicious!


9. Oktober 2009

World famous rice terraces Banaue, Philippines

world famous rice terraces in Banaue PhilippinesThese world famous rice terraces in Banaue, Philippines should have been made already 2.000 years ago, some guess the oldest rice terraces could even be 3.000 years old. Isn't that amazing?

At this time the people had only their hands and some simple tools to build these rice terraces in the rocky hills.
But like you can see nearly the whole hill is covered by hundreds of rice terraces.

It's the biggest rice planting area in the Philippines with over 250 square kilometers.

Even today the Ifuegos work with the same methods in the rice terraces like in times as they have been built - mostly by hand! We can be lucky for these Ifuegos as we get these delicious rice from them!

8. Oktober 2009

Famous church in Manila, Philippines

This is one of the most famous churches in Manila, Philippines. It reached her fame because of the black cross.

In Europe you can find something similar to this. There are some churches who display a black madonna (Maria, mother of Jesus).

You should not only visit this church because of the black cross. Like you can see on the picture a real gorgeous art can be found in the whole church.

Did you have been there already as i know i have many visitors from the Philippines?

What did impress you in this church?

7. Oktober 2009

WW: Flower in a rice field

Flower in a rice field

6. Oktober 2009

Night view of a hotel in Boracay, Philippines

This was an amazing night picture of a hotel "Villa De Oro" in Boracay, Philippines.

But as we all know, the prettiest appearance on the outside can be turned into a nightmare when you are allowed to have a look into one of the rooms :)

Hope everyone had a nice in this hotel!

5. Oktober 2009

MM: I like to move it - Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

My first Music Monday :) I liked the song already before they used it for the Movie Madagascar but with the comic it's more fun to watch instead of only listen to it.

So come on, let's move!

4. Oktober 2009

Little Sunshine: The baby boy from my brother

Timmy, the boy from my brother stays until Summer next year in Malaysia. I just could visit him once in May/June as i travelled with my mother to his family in Malaysia.

It was way too short as i was diving for one week during this holidays.

I hope i can see this little angel soon, but i think i really have to wait until Summer next year when they want to come back to Germany!

I miss you, Timmy!

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3. Oktober 2009

Azumi's First Mini-Giveaway Contest

Let's visit Azumi's blog to join this contest. By the way, my brother is one of the sponsor of this contest, too :)

Just subscribe to her feed by e-mail, put the Giveaway-Pic in your sidebar and you are already in the game!

Here is the link to her First Mini-Giveaway Contest and i post for you all the prizes.

The duration of the contest is until 27th OCTOBER.


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More entries for a chance to win can be found on her blog post about the Mini-Giveaway Contest

2. Oktober 2009

Water fall in Banaue, Philippines

Nature in its purest form - a water fall in Banaue, Philippines - a place to sit, rest and relax. Just listen to the sounds of the surrounding. The trees with the birds, the water with its own melody.

Can you hear it?

1. Oktober 2009

EntreCard: Are you one of the DropaHolics?

Wow, now i'm a member of EntreCard for nearly one month and i came across a wonderful community inside of EntreCard :) I think i will stay with you!

I found a website who is connected with EntreCard, it's called Dropaholics.com

There you can get some additional traffic when you get into the TOP 100 of all the monitored blogs (actually over 1100 blogs). You just have to know who is a member of them (have a look into the TOP 100 and there will be a feed displayed for every member) and who is still active in EntreCard.

As i found there are quite many members no more active (or don't reciprocate my drops and then it's difficult to drop on them regularly).

As a Thank You i copied the code from the Dropaholics.com-Website which allows me to see my TOP Droppers with their Badge.

And it is FREE advertisement for YOU on my blog as long as you drop daily your cards.
At the moment not all of my TOP Droppers are registered with the DROPAHOLICS (i offer it for all 25 Top Droppers, now there are just 8 members registered).

You will be also visible on other blogs when they put this code on their website, there are also a lot of these blogs available or perhaps these members could make a comment on this post so other member can drop and find new interesting blogs, too :)

It's a simple step and it's FREE to JOIN, you just have to copy/paste your Link to your Profile link and the RSS-Feed for your own TOP Droppers.
There is a good description available on their page under the Tab "Add Blog".

That's for today, hope to see your blog picture there in the next days!

In case you need help, leave me a comment or write me a message in EntreCard!

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