8. Dezember 2009

My first Adgitize payment proof!

Adgitize Payment proofIt's really great to see the money in my Paypal account. I write here about the Adgitize payment. I got the Adgitize payment already a few days ago and it has been the income as a publisher.

I could have received 10$ already a month earlier but i didn't have the time in October
  • to publish daily an article or
  • to click daily the 100 ads.
If you do this each day and get some visitors to your blog, you will earn 0.20 $ or more daily. After two month you can cash out already 12+$.

As i started my one week Adgitize advertisement trial some days ago, i'm sure that i will buy a full month ad (24$) after the trial period is over on 12th December 2009. At the moment i earn with 390 - 400 points more than the necessary 78 cents/daily (79-85 cents).
I will get a smaller profit like i got as publisher BUT i get additionally daily between 75 - 113 visitors and i have only to click 50 ads instead of 100 :)

You can get even as publisher free traffic (up to 25 visitors/daily) if you click 3 out of 4 days the 100 ads and sign up for the Preferred Publisher Program (simply go in the Member's Lounge to Manage Blog - Add Preferred Publisher or read the Preferred Publisher Program Tutorial)

Isn't that a good deal? What are your experiences and stories with Adgitize?
Or why didn't you sign up yet with Adgitize and earn easy money from Blogging?

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  1. that's really a great deal! congratulations! I'm a member of Adgitize since November of last year when they started.

    Keep it up!


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