29. Oktober 2009

Travel Photography tips

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Every time i went on a vacation, i take my camera with me. I just can't go without one as this helps me to keep memories of each holiday and travel i made in the last years.

Now i share some of my travel photography tips with you, so that you can enjoy your trips and the memories there after like i do when i share the pics with my friends and relatives!

Prepare for the location:

  1. If you already know the place of your next holiday, why not search in the internet for the surroundings and the local attraction?
    This is the easiest way to find suitable spots for brilliant pictures. You can find pictures by just typing in the name of the City and Country in Google Image search or Flickr.com

  2. After you looked for some attractions at your travel locations, you have to choose which of them are most suitable for your expertise and for your camera. With this in mind, you save time to just visit the locations which gives you the best pictures :)

  3. Most likely there are also books written for your travel destination. Try to have a look in one or more of these travel books to see which pictures other travelers captured or which locations are from interest, too.

Preparing for your Photographs

Before you start your travel, you should check if you put the following things in your travel suit case:

  1. Camera and Tripod (essential for every photographer)

  2. Digital Memory cards or films. Better to take one or two more cards/films than to be sorry if one would be broken during the best shot. Don't forget a portable storage device!

  3. Most important things include your battery charger, batteries, filters and lenses (in case your camera supports this)

  4. Manuals can be also very helpful if you want to try some new settings or if something went wrong.
This are my tips and checklists which help me capturing pictures from beautiful locations, so that i have sweet memories for a very long time.
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