29. September 2009

28. September 2009

World Best Diving in Layang Layang

Malaysia has some of the best diving spots in the world. For my diving vacation in 2009 I chose a really small island which is about 300km from the mainland. Besides diving the island serves as a navy base and as a bird sanctuary. I enjoyed my stay there very much as diving is superb. Corals still remain untouched and you can see many different fishes. I saw huge schools of devil rays, several sharks, turtles, schools of jack fish, barracudas and much more staff. Luckily the island also has a very good hotel with a huge swimming pool and the most friendly staff you can imagine. I can only recommend to go there if you really want to have a good diving experience. Contact me if you want to have more information.

This picture was taken while flying to Layang Layang. You can see about 2/3 of the island ;-)

Diving on the island Layang Layang, Malaysia

26. September 2009

Singapore: Amazing Night Safari

At night I visited the Night Safari in Singapore. There you can see a lot of animals while you are driving with a car through the "Safari" or you can even enjoy a walk trough a couple of foot paths where you can watch the animals. This picture was taken in the night show which is an introduction for the night safari.

On the picture you can see one of the wolves from the Singapore Night Safari show!

25. September 2009

Singapore Sentosa: Dolphin Lagoon

I took this picture in May 2009 as i have been travelling in Singapore for a few days, afterwards i went diving and relaxing in Malaysia. I have a lot pictures to share each day from this journey and the journeys of the previous years.

Here you can see a jumping dolphin. Really amazing which tricks they taught these animals in this dolphin show in Singapore, Sentosa Island in the Dolphin Lagoon!

Jumping Dolphin in Singapor, Sentosa

Stop by often to get your daily dose of the best travel pictures in the world, follow me to get all my updates!

24. September 2009

Sandcastles in Boracay, Philippines

When I went to the Philippines last year I also went to Boracay. For most philippines it is the most desirable vacation spot they want to visit within the Philippines and for sure it is worth the trip. You have dazzling white sand, good restaurants, a cool and relaxed atmosphere and friendly and inviting people. If you are a sports enthusiast it is also worth a visit as you can go diving, wind surfing, sailing, fishing, kite surfing, biking and much more things.

So even if you are from Europe or America you should consider to go there as the place is one of the best tourist spots in Asia.

Sandcastles in Boracay, Philippines

23. September 2009

Did you ever see a fruit bat?

Wow, I was fascinated about those animals which are quiet big and they stare at you with their huge eyes while hanging with their heads down. Should be quiet weird to see the world only the other way round ;-)

On the picture below you see their huge claws. This bat has been fed with an apple. After grabbing it he ate it quite fast. Seems to be his favorite food. Enjoy it!

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22. September 2009

Snowboarding in Val Thorens, France

Some time ago I went to Val Thorens in France for the Boarder Week. It's every year one week before christmas and it is regarded as the official start of the skiing and boarding season in the so called Trois Vallées (consisting of Vallée des Belleville, Vallée de Méribel and Vallée de Courchevel). It's supposed to be the biggest ski ressort in Europe and maybe even the world.

If you like skiing and/or boarding it's definitely a must to go there as it is really huge and you can easily spent two weeks and you still haven't seen every ski run. And if you like to make party it is also quite nice as bars stay open all night long.

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21. September 2009

Do you like spiders?

Big scary spider

That is one massive spider. Luckily it was already dead and couldn't shock me anymore... When I was traveling in Indonesia on Bunaken Island I had two of those spiders (not as hairy but same size) in my room. When I called after the management one of them were gone. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep all night long. Every time I closed my eyes I saw them immediately in front of me. Did you ever saw such a huge spider?

20. September 2009

The best way to travel in Asia by air plane

Air Asia air plane

Air Asia is the low-cost-carrier in south-east Asia. It has a wide network with connections to a lot of cities throughout Asia. Since a couple of months they even started flights to London. I can only recommend that if you are in Asia and want to travel fast, reliable and cheap you should really consider to use their extensive network.

19. September 2009

It's feeding time - Bird Park, Singapore

Ducks in the Singaporean Bird Park

How nice a bird life can be. Those creatures get there food on a regular basis by the employees of the Bird Park in Singapore. All they have to do is to wait and grab the food when it is served. How easy life would be if we didn't had to do anything for our living and if we wouldn't want to have always more. Most birds are satisfied when they get some food and can enjoy themselves.

An exception is the upper left duck. This duck is shouting at one of the other ducks. It was quiet funny to see that. The bowl is almost half full and enough food is served throughout the day but still the duck considers it to be not enough for himself ;-)

18. September 2009

Sentosa Island: Butterfly Garden

Sentosa Island - Butterfly Garden

First of all, there are not many butterflies in the Butterfly Garden on Sentosa Island, Singapore. But they show a lot of different and colorful parrots. If you have children you might like the idea that you can feed them on a special liquid that is on sale there. The parrots will sit on the hands or shoulders while your kids are feeding them and you can take pictures. A really memorable experience for the whole family.

17. September 2009

The Evolution - Botanical Garden, Singapore

In the Botanical Garden in Singapore you have a huge variety of different exhibits and things to do. You can enjoy a walk in a real jungle, you can visit the National Orchid Garden (more in one of my next posts), you can just sit and enjoy one of the regular concerts, you can learn something about the evolution of the earth.
The picture shows you the start of the evolution walk. It describes how everything developed on earth, when the first flowers, animals, human emerged and much more. It's a must visit especially when you have children. They will learn a lot.

16. September 2009

Beautiful National Orchid Garden in Singapore

The National Orchid Garden in Singapore is a must see if you are enthusiastic about flowers. It is so wonderful to see so many different kinds of orchids in blossom. Especially as all those flowers show there beauty not in houses as in Europe (because it is not as humid and hot as in Singapore) but in their natural surroundings. I will never forget this experience.

Orchid flower - National Orchid Garden Singapore

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15. September 2009

Award Winning Pictures - Part 3 of 3

And finally the most amazing shot - the FIRST prize: Let's go, little insect. Grab the nectar and bring me some honey ;-)

14. September 2009

Award Winning Pictures - Part 2 of 3

Second price is for this cute little boy (ok, maybe it's also a lady. Who knows when everything is so little ;-))

13. September 2009

Award Winning Pictures - Part 1 of 3

While enjoying my time in the butterfly park on Penang in Malaysia I came across some award winning pictures. I couldn't resist to take pictures from the best. I can only wonder how long people have to wait before they can get such a perfect close up shot of insects. Imagine you forgot to put a film into your camera (oh... I forgot that nowadays everybody has a digital camera ;-)

This picture achieved the third price in the competition. A box fight is for sure less interesting. I guess the left one was victorious as it looks more aggressive.

12. September 2009

Amazing Fauna - Strange Insects

It looks like a leaf on a leaf, but it isn't. It is an insect on a leaf. You can see those kinds of insects on Penang. Which is a state and a city of Malaysia in the north-west. You just have to visit the Butterfly Park there and you can see staff you haven't even considered to exist.

Strange insect - looks like a leaf

6. September 2009

Night in Kuala Lumpur

Being the fourth time in Kuala Lumpur I went up on the television tower for the second time. You have a really amazing view on the skyline of KL (as the locals say) and for sure the Petronas Twin Towers. Did you know the the Twin Towers in 2003 have been the highest building in the world? When going to the TV tower you can also enjoy a very good meal in a revolving restaurant.

4. September 2009

Underwater World in Singapore - Much to see

One thing you shouldn't miss if you want to get a feeling about underwater life is the Underwater World on Sentosa Island. Even if you are a diver (like me) who has already seen a lot while diving you will be astonished by all the different species the are showing.

On my pictures I show you a japanese spider crab. It's spawn can get up to 4m. It normally lives in a depth of 300-400m. It's bombastic!

On this picture you see a coral reef with some fishes living in it. Without a healthy reef a lot of fishes cannot survive. So always try to protect the environment!

Can you see the two fish on this picture? I never saw them when diving as it is really hard to spot them as they look like everything but not as a fish ;-)

2. September 2009

Singapore: Amazing river night life

It was the second time for me to visit Singapore and I really enjoyed to be there again. The day I arrived at night I went for a walk down to the river. Directly on the riverside you have many restaurants from where you can choose really good asian, western and indian food. When you have finished your meal you can go to one of the many bars and clubs to make party all night long. I really like this place at it is not only very popular with tourists but also with locals.

1. September 2009

The Mommy Journey's 1st Blogversary Contest

The Mommy Journey is celebrating its 1st year anniversary on September 10!

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It is very easy to join.

Just write about this blogiversary celebration at your site.

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