5. Dezember 2009

Adgitize members: A funny welcome gift!

adgitize, best blogger advertisement network, make money, drive traffic to your blogToday i make my trial with Adgitize and a one week advertisement (i got a voucher, so i saved the 12$ *lol*).
Let's see how many new visitors can be attracted by my ad and if it's worth afterward to advertise for 24$ (78 cents/day).

My brother from Cornyman's Money-Blog is absolute fascinated by Adgitize and earned already over 185 $ after deducting the paid ads (108 $ from June on) he has still 77 $ left after 8 months of membership. If i look in my Adsense account, i doubt that i can accumulate so many $$ after 8 months.

In case you are not yet member, you can sign up by clicking on this post on the Adgitize links :)

All you have to do to earn some money:
  1. Write daily one article for your blog (be sure to copy your RSS Feed-Link in the "manage blog"-section in Adgitize, so that the 100 points gets credited)
  2. Click on 100 ads of the Adgitize advertiser (only one from each blog!) if possible daily for maximum points (and to be able to get the FREE Traffic option called Preferred Publisher Program), if you're an advertiser we just have to click on 50 advertiser
  3. Drive Traffic to your blog, EntreCard is the way to go here or write keyword-rich content to get free traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing! :)
These three actions will give you daily more than 20 Cents, as advertiser you can earn between 50 cents and more than 1$ which can result of ZERO costs of your 24$ ad and receiving more than 2.000 visitors monthly!

Spent just 16 seconds and get a great laugh!

My gift for my visitors "the sneezing baby panda", i watched it several times in a row and still can laugh when i would watch it again. You'll love Baby panda and Mama Panda!

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