8. Januar 2010

What is your Adgitize experience?

After my last payout as publisher and after i saw how much my brother is earning as advertiser, i had only one choice - ADVERTISE in Adgitize and test what so many other members experience:

  1. Traffic boost - for me it have been 2.000 visitors from 4th - 31 December, until 8th January i got around 2.400 visitors
  2. Rising earnings - my publisher earnings have been around 15-20 cents in the previous months, as advertiser i earned 60 - 90 cents (with an paid ad price of 24$).
  3. Cutting the ad price back to 14$ (on 21.12.2009)- the current (full month) advertisers got an ad extension of 22 days which means my ad will now expire in the first week of February and not in mid January.
    Great value even when i the earnings got also cut back and you need now 400 points to earn enough to get 45+ $-Cents daily to cover a 14$ ad.

  4. Did you read already about the 777$-Adgitize 1 WEEK AD Giveaway on Cornymans Money-Blog?
    His new referrals will get automatically (if they want+if they didn't already advertise) a gift certificate which pays for a ONE WEEK AD (value of 7$) and non-referrals can win each month an ONE WEEK AD.
    You just have to write a short blog post like this one and link to Cornymans Money-Blog and his 777$-Adgitize 1-WEEK-AD-Giveaway post (this is the link to the old post, he said he will make on the weekend a new post).
Here is my Adgitize payment proof for December 2009:

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