19. Januar 2010

5 fantastic HDR images

What do you think - photoshopped, painted or real photos? :)

Fountain of Renmark, South Australia

HDR or high dynamic range photography is technique in which light and dark areas are used to illuminate the subject and highlight it. HDR technique allows to more accurately represent the wide range of exposure than normal digital imaging techniques.

More amazing HDR photos can be found on Flickr.


  1. I love HDR photos that are done well, and these are done very well. I like them, a LOT.

  2. Thanks for your compliment!

    After i saw some HDR photo galleries in the Internet, i thought i will share each month the best what i could find and share some link love to the amazing photographers!

  3. I love HDR photos. I do make a lot of pseudo HDR, some are on my blog. I am also on Flickr. I haven't yet managed to create a decent real HDR shot yet though. Nice blog here :)


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