21. Januar 2010

Let's think about Winter Wonderland!

True Infrared Photography in a lightwave length between 760nm and 1000nm. -- absolute invisible for human eyes..

Human eyes only can "see" electromagnetic waves between 300nm and 760nm - the summary of this waves is what we know as "light".
Waves shorter then 300nm is "ultraviolet" light.
Waves longer then 760nm is "infrared" light.
Both - uv and ir - are invisible and thus color-less.

All you see here are the reflected infrared lightwaves. Chlorophyle is the magician - the classic IR-photography subject is a landscape+trees+clouds+water surfaces.

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  1. Oh, those are so wonderful. I would pay serious money for some of those...I hope they start showing up in art galleries/shows. Very cool. Thanks for posting them.
    Jennifer Landsberger


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