9. Oktober 2009

World famous rice terraces Banaue, Philippines

world famous rice terraces in Banaue PhilippinesThese world famous rice terraces in Banaue, Philippines should have been made already 2.000 years ago, some guess the oldest rice terraces could even be 3.000 years old. Isn't that amazing?

At this time the people had only their hands and some simple tools to build these rice terraces in the rocky hills.
But like you can see nearly the whole hill is covered by hundreds of rice terraces.

It's the biggest rice planting area in the Philippines with over 250 square kilometers.

Even today the Ifuegos work with the same methods in the rice terraces like in times as they have been built - mostly by hand! We can be lucky for these Ifuegos as we get these delicious rice from them!

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