1. Oktober 2009

EntreCard: Are you one of the DropaHolics?

Wow, now i'm a member of EntreCard for nearly one month and i came across a wonderful community inside of EntreCard :) I think i will stay with you!

I found a website who is connected with EntreCard, it's called Dropaholics.com

There you can get some additional traffic when you get into the TOP 100 of all the monitored blogs (actually over 1100 blogs). You just have to know who is a member of them (have a look into the TOP 100 and there will be a feed displayed for every member) and who is still active in EntreCard.

As i found there are quite many members no more active (or don't reciprocate my drops and then it's difficult to drop on them regularly).

As a Thank You i copied the code from the Dropaholics.com-Website which allows me to see my TOP Droppers with their Badge.

And it is FREE advertisement for YOU on my blog as long as you drop daily your cards.
At the moment not all of my TOP Droppers are registered with the DROPAHOLICS (i offer it for all 25 Top Droppers, now there are just 8 members registered).

You will be also visible on other blogs when they put this code on their website, there are also a lot of these blogs available or perhaps these members could make a comment on this post so other member can drop and find new interesting blogs, too :)

It's a simple step and it's FREE to JOIN, you just have to copy/paste your Link to your Profile link and the RSS-Feed for your own TOP Droppers.
There is a good description available on their page under the Tab "Add Blog".

That's for today, hope to see your blog picture there in the next days!

In case you need help, leave me a comment or write me a message in EntreCard!

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  1. so that is what was happening heheh oh well at least all is fixed now I think :) xoxo


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