28. September 2009

World Best Diving in Layang Layang

Malaysia has some of the best diving spots in the world. For my diving vacation in 2009 I chose a really small island which is about 300km from the mainland. Besides diving the island serves as a navy base and as a bird sanctuary. I enjoyed my stay there very much as diving is superb. Corals still remain untouched and you can see many different fishes. I saw huge schools of devil rays, several sharks, turtles, schools of jack fish, barracudas and much more staff. Luckily the island also has a very good hotel with a huge swimming pool and the most friendly staff you can imagine. I can only recommend to go there if you really want to have a good diving experience. Contact me if you want to have more information.

This picture was taken while flying to Layang Layang. You can see about 2/3 of the island ;-)

Diving on the island Layang Layang, Malaysia

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